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 Nov 2017 Print Subject - Photography as Art

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Mahdi Chavoushi

Drone Imaging and Becoming a Licensed U.A.V. Pilot.


Mahdi Chavoushi is a unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) pilot, drone photographer and filming specialist based in Perth, WA. He does aerial photography and video coverage for events, real estate marketing etc. Mahdi will explain what is involved in becoming a UAV pilot, rules and regulations and show some of the stunning images and video footage that he has taken.


Followed By "SALT"


Salt is a 30 minute film about the award winning landscape photographer Murray Fredericks and his annual journeys to the heart of Lake Eyre to capture the blended vistas of land and sky.  Totally isolated, with only the horizon line as a reference point, and thoughts as his only companion, Murray is forced to overcome the environmental elemants of rain, mud plains, lightning, equipment failure and the ever intrusive salt.




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