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 26/09/2018 Members Night


Favourite Photographer Evening

Presented by Greg Bell, Michael Barrett,

Phil Unsworth and Bob Halligan


03/10/2018 Exhibition

Machine Parts

Shiny, regular metallic shapes or rusted, broken equipment. Bring out the beauty and history of machinery, perhaps as an abstract or monochrome. What stories can these parts tell?

Exhibition Officer
10/10/2018 Guest Speaker


Mark Greenland


Photography As Art

Mark says he has been learning how to take a photograph for 33 years, and believes he is getting close! He has been intrigued by visual art for as long as he can remember (a period he says is diminishing daily).


He has no formal training in “Art” but has read a good deal about the subject over the years, and has considered photography’s place in the arts world over many years of judging photo competitions. (He has judged the FIPP, the Perth National and countless camera club events). Like all of us, he has experienced (some might say: “suffered”) judging as an author, and he has given the present topic much study.


With all the strength his ageing body can muster, he denies that he is old, but admits he has seen the great transition from the predominantly documentary photographic style which preceded the digital age, to the flights of fancy permitted by Photoshop and its offspring.


He says the bland title of this topic masks some relevant and controversial issues and he hopes to facilitate lively debate: bring rotten tomatoes and brass knuckles!




17/10/2018 Guest Speaker


Kelly Barker

On Art in Photography


24/10/2018 Guest Speaker


Sunayana(Su) RamMohan

Amateur entomologist and

macro photographer


Photographing insects and spiders, its pleasures and challenges.


* Self Introduction
* The World of Insects and Spiders
* Macro Photography Ethics
* Style of Photography
* Challenges of Macro photography
* Future Plans



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