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 29/05/2019 Guest Speaker




Kelly Barker who spoke to us about her surrealistic fine art photography last year will be telling us how to composite several images together using Photoshop. She will take us through the process she uses for her artistic composites, how some of her ideas are generated and the photoshop tools she uses. Photoshop with its endless possibilities is one of her favourite tools. It allows her to push the boundaries of her photography.

05/06/2019 Exhibition


What does ‘broken’ mean to you? It could be a relationship, a window or a piece of furniture that is no longer fit for purpose.

Exhibition Officer
12/06/2019 Guest Speaker




Sean Breadsell is a street photographer with a passion for capturing moments in time and documenting life. Everyone has a story and Sean wanders the streets looking for these stories. In June, he will share his story with you.




Jane Speijers
26/06/2019 Members Night


by Members of the Camera Collectors Society 



Pat Baker, recently retired, after many years as the archaeological photographer at the Maritime Museum, will be speaking about the problems of underwater photography and the special gear needed to solve them.


Exotic travel with a twist: Bruce Thomas drove overland from Oz to England many years ago in the most unlikely car and with a most unlikely ending that happened just months ago.

Better mousetraps: Our own Bob Halligan will demonstate how cameras have evolved over time - that is time before digital cameras!


Jane Speijers



For the last 25 years Workshop Camera Club and NEPG have been running three Photomarkets each year. In recent years this activity has contributed about $2000 to our club annually.  Photomarket is a photographic swapmeet.  You can sell your photographic gear, digital, unwanted or antique, by booking a table ($15) with Bob Halligan (9364 5905) in early February or add your gear to the club table (contact Phil  You can also pay a modest fee of $5 to come and browse the merchandise and $3 to enjoy a cuppa and a piece of cake.


It is also a great place to catch-up with friends and chat about photography.


We need volunteers to assist with the setup, manage admissions, man the cafe, provide cakes etc and clean-up afterwards.  

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