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 20/11/2019 Workshop





One of the most important aspects of photography is storage and backups - making sure we don't lose precious memories or images that we have laboured to create.  While there are some over-riding principle there are many ways to protect your images.  Five of our members - Steve Cook, Adrian Cooper, Judith Shields, Phil Arntzen and Susan vearncombe will describe their experiences with backups at home and abroad.

27/11/2019 Members Night



From Faye Arcaro: It started with flower photography but a flower with a bug gives me a buzz. 



My macro lens is like my right arm. As I headed to Toodyay in search of orchids while my lens was in for a clean, I said to Eddy, "It feels like we are missing someone."


Through Macro photography I have captured things most people never see and I have learned more about the interrelationships of bugs, predators, parasites and pollinators and their importance.  I really believe these creatures are undervalued and that in the next decade the work I have been doing will be a useful contribution from a citizen scientist. Photography is an enormous and valuable tool in recording this information. 



04/12/2019 Members Night


East fremantle Yacht Club

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